Trans Rights Now Collective is a Dalit Bahujan Adivasi centered collective of Trans people who are working across India to build trans leaders, support Trans education, and build trans job opportunity. We believe that we as Trans People deserve a life of dignity and we will fight to create the world we want where our bodies, minds, and spirits are valued.  We work with our many legal, educational, and civil partners to build this vision. 

We emerged from the battle against the violent and transphobic Transgender Protection Rights bill 2016 that was put forth in Indian parliament without any trans input into the building of the law. As a result this law condemned Trans people in India to being misgendered and would have ripped apart our families and stripped away our dignity as members of Indian society. 

In response we worked with Trans leaders around the country to put together a series of inter-caste and inter-faith protests and events that could bring trans people particularly Dalit Trans people into this debate. We have succeeded in delaying the bill and in 2018 will be looking to build power and visibility of other Dalit Trans issues and leaders throughout the year. 

To learn more or to get involved please reach out to our coordinator Grace Banu at

Transgender rights day is celebrated every April 15th and this April to May, join us to celebrate this historical assertion of trans rights, and to celebrate the lives of transgender community. We invite you to Transeason, a season of celebrating trans life histories.


Executive Staff

Director: Grace Banu

Lead Organizer: Negha

Program Manager: Renuka

Accounts Manager: Ajitha