Our Vision

Dalit Bahujan Adivasis are creating the future today


Project Mukti  is a Dalit Bahujan Adivasi women, gender non-conforming, and trans led start-up working to end caste apartheid in South Asia through a promise to openness and participatory innovation.  

Caste apartheid is a system of oppression that disenfranchises marginalized communities from centers of knowledge, technology, and media production therefore locking us out of political power. 

To counter this casted digital divide we are building an incubator where a  new generation of Dalit activists, technologists, artists and healers can come together to identify our  most pressing challenges and innovate solutions driven and led by our community. 

We want to move beyond atrocity & charity to ultimately find our own self-determination. Our leaders are building projects rooted in FOSS principles so that our vision of technology centers a commitment to universal access to knowledge, research and education. It is our hope then to create a culture of openness to drive a new era of participatory development, growth, and productivity.

Our work is path-making - our initial programs include the first national Dalit Wikipedia National training Initiative,  the first Dalit women’s maker space, the Zindagi Fellowship and our digital security training initiative. 

We  organize, train, and create to disrupt caste and provide an alternative vision to the internet of caste apartheid.

Project Mukti