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Young Bodhisattva Training Retreat with Dh. Lokamitra and Dh. Vivekratna

  • Shakyamuni Buddha Vihar Kannuj, Uttar Pradesh India (map)

The Young Boddhisatva Training retreat led by Dhammachari Lokamitra and Dhammachari Vivekratna will focus on cultivating awakened leadership qualities in students and activists who want to bring the potent ingredient of Buddhist wisdom to the work that they do.

Dh. Lokamitra is the Chairman of the Nagaloka Centre. He has spent many years in India doing work that supports the Dalit Buddhist community in their struggle against Hindu caste prejudice and its disregard for their basic rights. Dh. Lokamitra draws great inspiration from the life and work of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. The Nagaloka Centre provides an invaluable chance to thousands of young Dalits. He will be educating young attendees on how Buddhism can help support their democratic rights to liberty, equality, and fraternity. Dh. Vivekratna, treasurer of Nagaloka Centre will also be leading some sessions. 

The event is organized by Amit Kumar. An alumnus of Nagaloka Training Institute, Nagpur, he received his training in Buddhism, both in Nagaloka and at the Deer Park Buddhist Center in Himachal Pradesh. During his stay in Deer Park, he learned about the Mahayana tradition and about Bodhisattva Vision. He also learned about global warming and environmentalism, eco-farming and building a sustainable community. Not satisfied with what he learned, he decided to become a monk for three months but soon realized that he wanted to do something more for the society he lived in and went to Sri Lanka to learn Theravada Buddhism. After returning to India he chose to work closely with communities, focussing primarily on Buddhism against casteism.

He has traveled to many Buddhist countries to learn more about Buddhism and now works at Sankasya where he dedicates his time to doing work relating to women empowerment, education, and youth development. He also works with survivors of
domestic violence.