Meet the 2018 Zindagi Fellows

The first batch of Zindagi Fellows represent some of the most committed and courageous women who are dedicated empowering their communities and making their voices heard.



"Inequality is all around us, there is discrimination based on gender, caste, region, and religion. In addition to this there is such a huge technology divide that keeps our women behind others due to which they miss many opportunities to lead.”

Alisha Anwar is a young scholar who has just finished high school. Her mission is to improve the status of women from marginalized sections and minority communities who are often left behind when it comes to technological access and literacy.

Alisha learnt about the power of community organizing and began to see herself as a leader following her experience with Play for Peace. Her passion lies in working with community members. When she is not xxxxx, she enjoys listening to music and reading books.



"After associating with Ideal Youth Society, I’ve learnt a lot about discrimination and the ways it is manifested in society. I want to work with our communities to fight this discrimination peacefully. I see myself as a Dalit leader in future.”

Neha is a graduate from Delhi University. She did her BA in Political Science and is working towards a life in politics. As a facilitator for Play for Peace, she has done work that has given her an understanding of various issues faced by the communities she worked with.

When she is not developing her leadership skills or working with the community, she likes to read books and loves to paint and has interest in interior decoration.


I was married at the age of 15 and I have learnt a lot from various experiences in my life. I’ve decided to fight to end the discrimination against women in tribal communities”

Sunita is from Ranchi, Jharkhand. She was born into a tribal family and she has completed her graduation in Rural Development from xxx.

She has been actively involved in raising awareness about the tribal rights and women’s rights in Jharkhand and other neighbouring tribal regions.

She enjoys meeting new people, learning about their culture and eating habits. She enjoys cooking, and loves photography.



Musarrat Jahan is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in social work and has been actively volunteering with Ideal Youth Society that works with Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities to raise awareness about education.

She is a Smile Fellow with Pravah International Citizen Service and works around gender equality. She likes listening to music, loves to dance and read books.


"Many people think that caste discrimination and oppression is limited to villages but I want to tell them that this happens everywhere. India can see a better future only when we end caste apartheid and BELIEF IN superstitions.”

Suchitra or ‘Suchi’ was born into a Dalit family in Bihar. Her family believes in science, not in superstitions. Her elder sister taught her about the great leaders who fought for the Dalit, Adivasi, Bahujan and minority rights. Her mission is to work with the marginalized communities and raise awareness about the various forms of discrimination and oppression they are subjected to.

She loves to learn new things, paints, writes poems, and enjoys travel to new places. She wants to be self sufficient and help the community to grow and to be educated.



Pooja Pariyar was born into a Dalit family that from Nepal. She was born and raised in India. Her mission is to grow as a community leader and motivate the community to focus on their education.