Imagining Futures by Harnessing the Past 


Dalit Bahujan and Adivasi History is critical to the work of Project Mukti. Our founder Sanghapali Aruna was also one of the co-founders of Dalit History Month. So from the beginning our work in Dalit Bahujan and Adivasi knowledge and tech equity was rooted in the battle for our history. 

Dalit Bahujan and Adivasi history shapes our present and future, and now more than ever we cannot risk staying silent. During Dalit History Month, we celebrate our leaders, revolutionaries, historical moments, movements, places, our art culture that originates from our work in the fields and the ground. These are our oral histories that have been passed to us by our great great ancestors, who may not be great historians by profession but they are great historians by heart.

Dalit History is here to stay and we are not going anywhere. Dalit History is not only the key to Dalit Bahujan futures, it is in fact the only key for the future of India.

To celebrate the power and the resilience of Dalit communities throughout India Project Mukti in 2018 is launching a series of micro- grants to support Dalit History Months all over the country. 

Our goal with this new project is to continue to highlight and learn from  marginalized communities who have rich legacies of caste resistance, gender equity, and rationalism. 

To learn more about the micro-grant and who this year's grantees are click here