"Dalit History Month was a project modeled on Black History Month, initiated to grow the documentation of our history, art, and culture, in the words of our own lived experiences, and through the lives of our ancestors. To date, this has included the collection and chronicling of records of our origins, resistances, movements, leaders, folklore, songs, plays, oral histories, and memoirs.

Dalit history is also an effort to wrest away scholarship from traditional Brahminical academic institutions that study us involving us only as subjects and not in the research itself. Our history is not merely to be relegated to being “Dalit-history”, but alongside Adivasi and Bahujan history, must be positioned rightfully as the history of South Asia.

To facilitate the growth and expansion of this effort, Project Mukti has been making mini-grants since 2018. This year, we hope to grow more community-sourced information and help more Dalits everywhere establish events that will amplify the voices of the struggles of our people.

Our goal with this new project is to continue to highlight and learn from  marginalized communities who have rich legacies of caste resistance, gender equity, and rationalism.

We have closed the applications for the year 2019 and we thank every one who applied for the grant. Soon we will release the details of this year’s grantees on our website and share it on our Project Mukti and Dalit History Month social media pages.

Please follow us on our twitter handles @ProjectMukti and @dalithistorynow!

Click here for DHM 2019 grantees and event details.

Click here for DHM 2018 grantees. 

Dalit History Month poster, 2018

Dalit History Month poster, 2018